Touchless Technology for Security

COVID-19 has upended the way organizations operate. Businesses have started to adopt new measures and practices to support their workforce and customer base 鈥 and touchless tech is at the top of that list.

It wasn鈥檛 that long ago people didn鈥檛 think twice about touching elevator buttons, door handles, and check-in kiosks on their way in and out of work. But now, touching these communal surfaces has become a point of contention as concerns over employee health and safety continue to inundate us.

Workplace leaders believe touchless technology is the best way to deal with this issue.

Some are improving their processes by implementing touchless check-ins for employees and visitors, using no contact sign-in apps, no touch door openers and contactless access control, among other technologies.

In fact, these touchless technologies are set to become the new norm in offices across the globe. Please reach out to our expert team to see how these can benefit you: /contact-us/request-a-consultation/

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